Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions for the Supply of Products from Online Shop of Eesti Joonisfilm

Any contract for purchases made through the web site www.joonisfilm.ee will be with vendor Eesti Joonisfilm OÜ (Registry code: 10307082, address: Roo 9, Tallinn – hereinafter Joonisfilm) and purchaser, hereinafter Purchaser. The purchasing process consists of seven (7) stages, which are displayed on the webpage. The stages are "Shopping Basket", "Order summary", „Payment details“, "Delivery method", "Payment info“, „Confirmation" and „Submit order“. If you want to move back to previous stage, use the back button.

1. Shopping Basket
If you add products to your basket, move to Shopping Basket, which is the first stage of the purchasing process.
On that page the products you have chosen and quantities thereof are displayed with total quantities without delivery costs. You may continue purchasing in moving back to the products page.
The quantity of products may be changed moving to Quantity field by changing the quantity and confirming your choice by moving to Renew basket field.  The product can be removed from basket by choosing Delete. The whole basket can be removed.

2. Order summary
If you want to proceed with your purchase click Order summary.

2.1. Back to shopping chart
By clicking Continue shopping you can move back to the shopping chart and continue shopping. The products shall remain in the shopping basket. You can move back to the Basket by clicking Basket on the up and on the bottom of the page.

3. Payment details
Fill in all fields marked with asterisk in the Payment details field and click Continue. If you wish to send Products to another address, choose Send to other address.  If you wish to send Products to same address, please click Send to the same address.

4. Delivery method
By delivering purchased products within Estonia and internationally by Eesti Post the Products shall be delivered personally against signature. Only one delivery attempt shall be made.  In case it's impossible to deliver purchased goods the note will be left to the mailbox.
General conditions of Eesti Post shall apply by delivering with Eesti Post. The cost for delivery is calculated in accordance with price list of Eesti Post available on the net: http://www.post.ee/failid/_rikiri_EUR_2011.pdf
          Within Estonia: Maksikiri -> Tähtkiri
          International -> Tähtkirjad -> Maksikiri -> Tähtkiri
Delivery costs shall be subject to change by Eesti Post
Customer support of Eesti Post: 1661, 661 6616, webpage www.post.ee
By delivering purchased products within Estonia by SmartPOST you will receive a SMS to your mobile informing you about the delivery. The general conditions and price list of SmartPOST apply: http://www.smartpost.ee/et/ariklient/pakkide-saatmine/tingimused.html.
Delivery costs shall be subject to change by SmartPOST
Customer support of SmartPOST  435 4547, webpage: www.smartpost.ee

5. Payment info
You can choose between three different payment method, which are credit card payment, internet bank payments and billing. You will receive invoice if you use billing as a payment method. The payment period is seven days. The Products shall be delivered after the invoice is paid.  In the event the invoice is not paid within seven days, the order will be revoked automatically.

6. Confirmation
The overview of your order gives you full itemized information about your order with delivery costs. Please check your order, you now have option to change your order and your details by clicking back or moving to shopping chart.

7. Submit order
If you are sure that all products you have chosen are in your shopping basket and you wish to conclude the purchase, click Submit order, which is confirmation that you conclude the purchase and you accept current terms and conditions. After you have submitted your order you will receive an e-mail. After you have submitted your order it's not possible to move back or change your order.  The confirmation of your order is a proof of your order and it means that your order has been accepted and the purchased Products will be delivered to you.

8. Withdrawal and return
According to paragraph 56 of Law of Obligations Act of Estonia a private customer may withdraw his/her order for products at any time up to the end of the fourteen day after the products are received by Purchaser by sending a written statement to: pood@joonisfilm.ee and/or by delivering, at his/her costs, if below 10 euros, products to the address of Joonisfilm: Roo 9, Tallinn. The Purchaser may replace the products during fourteen day period, compensating costs and possible price difference.

In the event the Purchaser withdraws his/her order, Joonisfilm shall refund within 30 days as of Joonisfilm has received the withdrawal notice, to Purchaser all monies paid for the Products. Together with Withdrawal notice the Purchaser must give to Joonisfilm his/her bank account number.

Returned Products must be in the original packaging and unused. If the packaging of DVD has been opened, the Purchaser shall not have the right to withdraw the order or return the Products.

In the event of withdrawal and/or return the delivery costs shall not be refunded by Joonisfilm.

If the goods Joonisfilm delivers are damaged or defective Joonisfilm will replace, at its own expense, including delivery costs, damaged products within 10 days of the delivery of products in question. The purchaser may submit claim based on damaged or defective products against Joonisfilm within two years as of receipt of products, which will be proven by receipt of the delivering company.

Delivery of products outside of the European Union the appropriate custom regulations may apply and or additional taxes, levies etc may be imposed.

9. Copyright and other intellectual property rights
The purchased products which are protected by copyright and/or other intellectual property rights are for personal use only and copyright and other intellectual property rights are reserved to Joonisfilm and/or other persons involved. Delivery of such products does not give to purchaser any license or other right whatsoever.

10. Security of payment with bank card (credit or debit card):
Joonisfilm informs the purchaser that:
- The secure connection is used for client data processing;
- To ensure the security of the data transmission between client and the E-Commerce Payment Gateway, the encryption is used and data that is transmitted  between dealer and the Payment Gateway is electronically signed in order to prevent unauthorized persons to intercept or modify the data. The dealer has access to the reporting of card transactions, but do not have access to the full card number;
- SSL, MasterCard SecureCode and Verified by Visa is used when the card details are requested;
- The dealer can not see inserted card data, the card transaction processor customer will be redirected to a safe payment environment. At the time of payment, the purchaser is entering the cardholder's data into the database of electronic processing unit where the data will be stored.
- In case of an unusual transactions or other activity is suspected or detected, the bank will be contacted for further enquires.
Joonisfilm uses the highly secure card payment systems, developed by licensed banks in Estonia.